November 26, 2004


任天堂、04年度ニンテンドーDS販売台数を500万台に上方修正 (ロイター)
和田アキ子も登場!? 「MGS3」注目のコラボ発表 ドラクエより期待してるわけで。でも、うちのソリッドはヘッピリゴシでかっこわるいのです。

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As such, it is imperative you do not allow the dazzling pictures of the diamonds to blind you to wise shopping practices. Diamondphd has a collection of beautiful affordable diamond jewelry set in 18k gold. Ashford has come a long way since we began reviewing diamond sites in 1999 We like the improvements in the search engine, especially in the sorting options offered.

Simulated diamonds have long been held in disfavor, because of the assumption that simulation necessarily implies inferiority So it might come as something of a surprise that many professional gemmologists are now selling simulated diamonds alongside the real thing. Many of mans finest creations have been born in the lab, and moissanite diamonds are no exception.

A newspaper in Iran is now holding a cartoon contest called Iran Holocaust Cartoon. Iran made Holocaust denial government policy when Iran foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki said in December that remarks made by the Iran president that the Nazi mass murder of Jews during World War II was a myth. Investors this week will be hoping the Consumer Price index (CPI) shows a similar lack of inflationary growth, morgage rates as that would bode well for bets that the Federal Reserve will end its 18-month rate hiking campaign soon mortgage calculator

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